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Nu kan ni boka mig som talare!

Jag har fått frågan flera gånger om jag kan komma och föreläsa men känt att jag inte riktigt hinner med. Nu först har tanken mognat klart och jag känner mig redo att dela mina erfarenheter och tankar kring bl.a. mitt sociala entreprenörskap inom livsmedelsbranschen. Det är lätt att bli hemmablind, men jag inser att resan […]

Disrupt with me!

Dear friend! Are you ready to disrupt for real? Here is my manifesto and an invitaion to you to join the next generation fair trade movement. Nathalie’s as a brand is so much more than just good-looking, yummy food products from the tropics. My mission was born from the conviction that inclusive business models* are […]

Mitt nya älsklingsord: Disrupta!

En dag hörde jag mig själv plötsligt säga det. Jag beskrev vår affärsmodell som ”disruptive”. Jag störde mig på att jag inte kunde hitta ett bättre ord för det på svenska. Det är verkligen inget ord jag använt frekvent, om jag ens någonsin använt det tidigare. Det hände i somras. Jag läste böcker och lyssnade […]

The consequenses of the bulk driven food business

I was invited by ProColombia to a matchmaking event in Arequipa, Peru recently. It was such a great arrangement for producers from the Andean region, and buyers from all over the world to meet during two intensive days. Many new great contacts and also a lot of new important learnings. One of the first questions […]

The power of Supermarkets

Oxfam International recently launched their report “Ripe for Change”. This is one of the best studies I’ve come over since I started my Direct Trade business soon 8 years ago. I’m a witness of everything that is written in this report. It’s a must read. The report is quite long though, 120 pages, but you […]

Loading our stuff with Good forces

I believe there is something much bigger than we can imagine – ancestors and good energies that are there all the time, to protect and guide us. But it’s difficult to tune into this “bigger force” when I run too fast. As a matter of fact I can’t connect at all, when I’ve left my […]