Disrupt with me!

Dear friend! Are you ready to disrupt for real?

Here is my manifesto and an invitaion to you to join the next generation fair trade movement.

Nathalie’s as a brand is so much more than just good-looking, yummy food products from the tropics. My mission was born from the conviction that inclusive business models* are the way to do trade right.

Maybe you wonder how trade can be done wrong in the first place. I have asked myself the same question, but believe me, it’s possible.

As we know food business today, it has complex and long supply chains. Countries that export e.g. bananas, coffee and cacao, are often just providers of the primary material, while processing and packing is done in the countries of destination.

For decades, multinationals have built up a strong purchasing power. Supermarkets have increased their shares of end consumer prices with 11.5%, while farmers saw their share decrease by -13.1% (1995-2011). There are literally farmers who go to bed hungry.** To do trade wrong is possible as you can see.

This has created an enormous power imbalance that most of us are unaware of. It has become almost impossible for developing economies to grow. Not even Fair Trade or development aid attempts have managed to compensate for this imbalance.

I’m convinced, that leaving a greater share of a products value in the country of origin is the only way of doing trade right and solving several of the global challenges. And it’s not complicated. You can pay a sustainable fair price to the farmer overnight. Then you give their sisters and wives the opportunity to process and pack. It’s called PICO – Produced in Country of Origin – the cornerstone for next generation fair trade.

Shifting the power balance can be perceived by the industry as disruptive, but it has become my vocation. Sharing the value amongst all parties in the value chain, don’t just facilitate great things like positive social and environmental impact and human happiness, but it also makes great business sense.

And now comes the best part; YOU are the real game changer in this chain. Without you, no bananas. Your demand is our command, or actually, the farmers. I’m just an enabler. I warmly welcome you to join the movement and our tribe for co-creation. Follow Nathalie’s and spread the message. Hire me as speaker at events or your dinner table, or join as an investor. This is just the beginning.

Love and light! Nathalie (nathalie@nathaliesdirecttrade.se

*Product/service that includes in its value chain those who earn less than 8 USD/day.

**Oxfam report Ripe for Change” (June, 2018). First 25 pages, a must read!

PS Om du bor i Sverige kan du handla direkt i min webbutik. Har du aldrig testat att äta torkad mango, torkad ananas, torkad bananito eller torkad physalis kan jag varmt rekommendera dig att testa. Nathalie’s är exceptionella i smak, perfekt som mellis, mellan möten eller efter träningen eller när sötsuget tränger på. Vi har större lådor där du får en riktigt bra rabatterad deal. Eller varför inte köpa vårt prova-på kit.