Loading our stuff with Good forces

I believe there is something much bigger than we can imagine – ancestors and good energies that are there all the time, to protect and guide us. But it’s difficult to tune into this “bigger force” when I run too fast. As a matter of fact I can’t connect at all, when I’ve left my soul behind, when I’m too much in my head and too little in my heart. So recently, I noticed I was not feeling any joy anymore for my mission. That became an important alarm clock for me.

At the same time, Nathalie’s Direct Trade has just finished its first seven years cycle. Last week in Cusco, I had the opportunity to do a ceremony with Taita Victor. We did a so-called “despacho” for Mother Earth, a k a Pachamama and Father Sun. This is a ceremony of gratitude, with an offering of seeds, beens, coca leaves, rice, flowers, fat from lama and candy among other things. And a lot of praying on top of it. And a lot of chewing of coca leaves to connect with the spirits. Or as in my case, to cope with the altitude. Once the offering-package was finished, we burned it in open fire, in the sunset.

It was a one of a kind experience. Difficult to describe. We walked for 1,5 hours over the mountains, until we found a beautiful spot, in between the powerful Andean mountains and the Sacred Valley. We thanked the soil for the fruit it produces, for the sun who makes fruits grow and get sun ripe, for the rains, for the hard work of the farmers, for my partner Fruandes and the women who process, for myself and everything we have achieved, for the support of my husband, my mother and family, my partners, thanking all you retailers who expose our products in the shops, and last but not least – you who consume our products. It’s quite a powerful chain when you start thinking about it. So THANK YOU ALL!

For the new seven years cycle, I also asked for guidance, clarity and help. Considering the alarm bell I described above, I’m open and receptive. I’m not going to take one single step forward, without having my soul with me. Actually, “I” should let my soul walk a few inches in front of me, my body following it.

It’s amazing. After the ceremony so much has allready happened. I’ve met spot on people who are opening doors for us. I have got clear messages that I will continue positioning our business model as next generation fair trade and make it scalable and available worldwide. I’m at the right spot, but need to be extremely perserverant and not forget that being a challenger in a quite conservative business will take time and requires help from a strong tribe to do it together with. So the goals I have set for this year are synchronized, and we are right on track. I just need to trust, and trust, and trust over and over again.

I wanted to share this with you, since I want you to know our products are “loaded” with so much more than just fruit. Next time you enjoy any of our farmers products, maybe you can just take a few breaths and try to eat mindfully, and say “thank you”. Feel that Pachamama, Father Sun, and the inner core of Earth are giving you their blessing for being in this magic chain of trade done right.

Abrazos! /Nathalie

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