One of my first Direct Trade deals

Amigos y amigas!

I just went through old photos and videos and found this one! A treasure! I had forgotten I filmed one of my first Direct Trade deals of Golden Gooseberry back in 2012, in Subia, in Colombia.

Here is Don Marcedonio. When I listen to his testimonial, I hallucinate 500 million of small-scale farmers like him, world wide. I see them all in front of me, women and men. With a clear but empty look in their eyes. This video is only 2.50 minutes. It’s a must see if you want to get a glimps of reality at the other end. Even for me, it’s not always easy to understand it. And still I’ve traveled A LOT at the countryside meeting farmers. But this video is a great reminder.

I don’t want to point out anyone as the bad guy here. But from my perspective, not only Don Marcedonio is a victim; we all are! As long as supermarkets continue competing with price, and we as consumers always look for the cheepest food deal, farmers like Don Marcedonio are the ones who pay the price, going to bed hungry. Or what do you think from your perspective?

Supermarkets protect their margins and do not compromise on lowering their profits. I’ve been in negotiations with them. But the consequence is the small-scale farmer, being the most squeezed one in this traditional food supply chain. And with all respect to Fair Trade initiatives, but the majority of small-scale farmers like Don Marcedonio have no idea of Fair Trade or where they can be part of it. Still a lot to do! Join my movement! – Next generation Fair Trade!

Hugs! /Nathalie

PS För dig som bor i Sverige har vi en grym kampanj på vår lilla mangopåse. En hel låda med 24 st påsar torkad mango med 25% rabatt, för jag behöver tömma lagret. Fraktfritt såklart. Hoppas du gillar! Kram!